Vamos a Bailar un Son

Disco without artifice, with deep hopes that start from the musical conviction, is this new installment by Eliades Ochoa, where there is no shortage of musical and cultural identity that he represents in his repertoire. 

In this phonogram, costumbrism, love and joy are recreated. Several of the songs collected here belong to their most recent harvest, along with others recorded before, but enriched with current versions to the blessing of their admirers and the cultural heritage of our Island. They are compositions that bring fond memories to Eliades, who comments: “I want this record to reach my audience to stay”. 

Every songs performed tell a story, a distinctive sign of the troubadour that is Eliades Ochoa, who encourages us to listen to “Let’s dance a son”.

Lic. Grisel María Sande Figueredo

Researcher of traditional Cuban music

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