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I recreate stories and cultures because I am a landscape of colors; the light of the caribbean in the music that surrounds us; from the Carter to El Cuarto de Tulo. A trunk open to the encounter of memories and traditions, because I am what you are looking for … La Estelar!

We are a community that aims to unify lovers of Latin culture with products that appeal to their origins and traditions.

Eliades Ochoa Collection
Authentic Cuban Music

Eliades has accustomed us to his own manner of singing, improvising and guitar playing, with an elegant interpretative style and absolute tuning. “Let’s dance a Son” is no the exception. This theme of his authorship, and title of the disc, highlights the elements that have nourished the Cuban Son. Besides, it is an invitation to enjoy traditional Cuban music, valued in all stages worldwide.

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T   Shirt Collection

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